Mushfiqur Rahman Mohan

Mohan is the Managing Director of Overseas Study Counseling Ltd. (OSCL) and Chairman of the OSCL Language Centre, both pioneering institutes in Bangladesh. He is well known for his love of sports. He is the chairman of BPL cricket team Duranto Rajshahi, Vice President of the Squash Club and a board member of a football team.


Shajeda Khatun

Shajeda has worked for British Council as an UK Education Counselor for 19 years in the UK Education department. She was responsible for managing Direct Marketing Services, UK Education Exhibition and Finances. She is also experienced on Market Intelligence, Alumni and TNE sector. She has joined OSCL as the General Manager and she is overseeing counseling and communication/correspondence with UK universities.


Sarah Priscilla Ali

Sarah is the Chief of Operations and Development at OSCL Language Centre. She has been teaching with success since 2004. Sarah has taught the English language primarily to a number of students from a range of backgrounds, with focus being on IELTS and English for Communication. She has had teaching experience at home and abroad, with recent qualifications gained in education from La Trobe University, Melbourne. She has achieved an IELTS score of 9.0. Sarah is dedicated and strives to make her students excel and discover their hidden potential to help them achieve the best they can.


Subha Shamarukh

Subha has worked in a number of institutions and has gathered over 5 years of teaching experience in the fields of IELTS. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from North South University and has an IELTS score of 8.5. She has joined OSCL Language Centre as the Associate Coordinator and is responsible for the smooth transition of daily activities for the centre.


Tilka Farzana

Tilka Farzana is the Business Development Manager at OSCL. She plays many roles related to helping the business grow. Her main duty is achieving personal relationship. She actively identifies and generates prospect using strategies geared towards customers in the target markets. Maintaining good working relationships with current clients and meeting with different company teams and establishing goals and strategies, meeting with clients to discuss business relationships, developing proposals for new strategies, etc. is her key achievement. Overall she has an excellent interpersonal communication skill. Her ability to multitask in addition to the ability to work with a wide range of different people is an added advantage for OSCL.


Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed always understood the value of education but believed that this very important lesson was not imparted well. Right after completing his studies, he started his own institution where he began implementing his very own and unique style of teaching. He began planning his own lessons, own assessment tests and his own classroom materials. He also undertook the training of all the teachers at his centre and explained the necessity of revolutionizing the system of education and making the entire process more appealing for the pupils. Hence, the motto “Education is fun” was born. By the age of 22, Waqar Ahmed had established his very own school and was recognized as one of the youngest principals in the world. Waqar Ahmed, with his impeccable interpersonal and leadership skills continues to blaze a path that many will follow for years to come.